Violet’s Tale

With this country band from the South of Holland, we recorded our first EP “Down The Road” at Husky Studio in Heerlen (NL) in October 2016. Down below you can get a quick taste of the final product. Should you get curious to the rest of the EP, then please check it out on iTunes or Spotify!


The Quartermen

The Quartermen squad provided me with my first professional studio experience, as we recorded our first EP “Down The Stairs” at the amazing Studio Maasland in Born (NL). To give you an idea of what we came up with I put two of my favorite songs down below. If you want to hear more then I suggest checking out the full EP on iTunes or Spotify.


Studiowork in Berlin

During the five months that I lived in Berlin, I did some session work as a studio session musician. My very first studio work consisted of recording two demos with my good friend and guitar player/producer Benedikt Vogt. This project is still precious to me as it was the first studio session in my beloved Berlin. Check it out here!:


Demo Rock Academy

For my admission at the Rock Academy in Tilburg I needed to record some demos, which luckily got me through the first selection rounds and gave me the opportunity to audition. My demo was recorded at the studio of Sjoerd Rutten in Panningen (NL). One of the songs that we recorded was a cover; “The Law”, by the Dutch band Seven. You can check it out down below!: